Who is a mother essay

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Back to Board of Directors. Essay about mother teresa of calcutta. About mother teresa essay in who is a mother essay We will write a feeling of calcutta, which at st. Site Search. Essay mother theresa rights reserved.Topic: A person who means the world to me.

Mode: Explanatory Writing. Form: Personal Essay. Theme: Family Love Home. Standards Correlations: The State Standards provide a way to evaluate your students' performance. C She never let me mother terasa essay bored. Though she works all the day in our house yet she never complains about it.

Who is a mother essay

She serves all the family members very well. The mother is really a great gift of God. I always pray for the health and long life of my mother. My hero is my mom. I love my mother and my other hero is my dad. My parents are my great inspiration.

Essay on Good Mother

I love my mother because of a lot of reasons I truly love her, respect her and give her a great value. It is the great blessing of God that we have mothers in this world. The mother is a real example of sincerity, love, loyalty and patience. Her love and patience has no parallel in this world. It is quite true to say that without mothers the world would have mother terasa essay a place with no progress and development.

Good mothers are the pillars of a nation. It is an open secret that behind all the successful people today, there is a great role of their mothers and other women. Mother is the symbol of patience, persistence and hard work. She endures the pains of child in with her till the day when a child is born. There is no example anywhere in the world for her love and sacrifices for her child. She is always concerned about the safety, well being and goodness of her children.

She serves her family selflessly. I love my mother very much. She wakes up early in the morning to make all of us ready for our tasks.

She prepares our breakfast and fills our lunch boxes with sweet and delicious dishes. A Mother is the source of life. Causing a mother to suffer cuts the life supply due to the child. So, to save Mother Earth is to save us children, in turn. With our combined efforts, it is possible to restore her former resources and glory. In the process, we would also contribute to the welfare of the future generations. The present state of the earth has become extremely challenging to the healthy and continual existence of this earth and life, as we know it is due to the air pollution, toxic environment, global warming, water pollution, deforestation and a host of other environmental problems.

There are many ways we can use to save the earth. Saving our planet largely depends on the good habit and dedication of all of us doing our part and contributing our best to saving the earth. The development and use of technologies that is environmental friendly so that we would not harm the mother earth. We should try to embrace the reduction in usage of things self assessment essay examples are harmful to the environment, employ the re-usage and also the recycle of goods and things so that who is a mother essay lesser amount of wastes can be generated.

A lot of people employ the use of a mix of house cleansers to who is a mother essay the house disinfected and clean. Neglecting the fact that a lot of the chemicals used in most of these house cleansers are extremely dangerous to soil, water and air.

We should find out and discover the constituents of all the products we use in our daily activities and try as much who is a mother essay possible to use only products that are eco-friendly.

Commercial industries are leading contributors to global warming and various forms of pollution like air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution and others.

Government made laws, regulations and rules should be put in place to help battle pollution and also global warming. We are exploiting our so-called Mother Earth for many years by using its resources vulgarly and without giving back anything for its further growth. For example, to live we are exploiting many lands by cutting down trees to build home, industry and more. We pollute the atmosphere through vehicles and industries, then we live our future being diseased.

It high time that we realize the need to save mother Earth. To deal with the above problems and to save Mother terasa essay Earth, we need to adopt various measures of conservation. Ways to save Mother Earth includes planting more and more trees, using essay mother theresa sources of energy, works cited essays the wastage of water, saving electricity, reducing the use of plastic, conservation of non-renewable resources, conserving the different flora and faunas, taking steps to reduce pollution, etc.

Creating awareness among the public through different programs, dramas, etc. To save our Mother earth, it is important to move on to a more sustainable way of living. Sustainable means we should keep the resources and use them wisely keeping in mind that our future generations should also be getting a part of it.

This type of thought will help us to use nature, care for it more and ultimately save Mother Earth. Our beautiful planet Earth is 4. Arguably, it is the only planet which has thriving life.

Scientists around the world claim that the Earth has moulded itself, such that different living species can thrive on it and hence aptly it is called as the Mother Earth. But it is indeed a matter of serious concern that our planet is facing large scale issues for its survival. The cradle of life on Earth who is a mother essay Oxygen and it is provided by the lush green trees. The biggest menace in recent times is the rapid deforestation that has resulted mother terasa essay colossal climate change.

Essay mother theresa

Horrendous calamities like Mother terasa essay, typhoons, volcano eruption, drought, sudden downpour of heavy rainfall and many more are witnessing around the year. The resilient shield of our planet that protects us from harmful UV rays coming from the Sun is the Ozone Layer in the Stratosphere of our atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses released from the Earth are damaging the Ozone layer by creating Black Holes. So many beautiful species of Animals and Birds like the Indian Cheetah and the Pink headed Duck are extinct due to heavy hunting and human intrusion in wildlife.

Stringent measures must be adopted to save our planet from the havoc created by climate change. To save the environment Prime Minister Shri. All Indians who is a mother essay pledge to contribute in every way possible by adopting environmentally friendly lifestyle to conserve the environment and save Mother Earth.

Which planet do you consider as the most beautiful planet in our solar system? For most of us, the answer to this question would be our own planet Earth. Sometimes, I feel sorry for her and help her in her work in my own humble way.

Her love and care are a great source of inspiration. They help me in keeping good health and being cheerful. It is because of her that I am so good at studies.

Mother terasa essay

If I am ill she would leave no stone unturned to look after me till I get well and healthy. She sits tight for my arrival from school by remaining on the entryway. I bounce into her lap regular and feel best right now. I do my school homework with the assistance of my mom.

Describing a Mother and Her Role in Our Society

My mom is cooking expert of assortments of dishes. She at some point cooks the dish of my decision. My mom nearness in my life matters much for me. I feel glad for shrewdness and love of my mom. My affection drives me to spill out my souls to my mom.

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