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While in-depth analysis and interpretation of novels, drama, poetry, and short stories from various countries and periods are included, the major emphasis is on twentieth-century writings and the application of the reading experience to critical writing.

Students are introduced to and then apply various forms of literary theory and then apply those theories to their readings of literary texts. They develop critical standards for the independent appreciation of any literary work, its language, characters, action, and themes.

They consider its structure, meaning, and value, and its relationship to contemporary experience, as well as to the times in which it was written. This course places essay questions ap literature test on oral discourse, incorporating a seminar model; hence, oral participation is vital to the strength and integrity of the course.

Completion of summer reading ap literature essay questions writing is a requirement of this course. Nulf - dnulf fairfieldschools. Be prepared to discuss and cite from them. Give yourself 25 minutes to do them. Most common terms on AP Lit test - you don't have to memorize all of them to be successful, but may wish to brush up on those that are unfamiliar. Carefully annotate poem, and make a brief outline of how you would answer this question.

Practice Multiple Choice: give yourself about 20 minutes to do these. We will review in class. For each, you need to be able to: Spell the title correctly. Remember character names and spell them correctly. Refer to specific scenes in the text. Art Inspired Poem.

Creating Musical Scores for Poems. Essay Prompts. I am Poems. Poems Analyzed in Class. Poetry Out Loud Overview. Poetry Out Loud Performance.

Summative Assessment Analysis. Game Theory in Context Multimedia Presentation. Short Stories. An Indian Feast. Reading Assignments. Reading Resources. Writing Prompts. Hamlet's ire, and his desire to kill Claudius, are never higher than they are just then. This is also the moment when he hears a noise from behind the arras and, believing it's Claudius, Hamlet finally attempts to take his vengeance in a fit of rage. So, although he mistakenly kills the wrong man, Hamlet's utter disdain for Claudius ultimately leads to Ophelia's own madness and suicide.

Another moment where Hamlet might have truly lost it is when he stumbles upon Ophelia's funeral, which is how he learns of her suicide.

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After seeing Laertes' overblown show of grief, Hamlet makes 2009 ap literature essay questions similar demonstration. He pronounces his love for Ophelia, jumps into the grave with Laertes, and they fight. He later claims he was just upset at Laertes' public display of affection, but it appears possible Hamlet is truly overcome at this point when realizing all that has happened. And again, since Ophelia's death can ultimately be traced back all the way to Hamlet's relationship with Claudius, it's fair to say this is another example of that relationship emphasizing the theme of madness in the play.

Despite Claudius being the center of his revenge plot, Hamlet is also greatly affected by his deteriorating relationship with Gertrude. Even before knowing the truth of his father's murder, Hamlet has lost his respect for his mother.

He feels she's disrespected his father by remarrying so quickly after his father's death, and by marrying his father's brother. This is the main source of Hamlet's depression at the start of the play. Current events essay relationship with his mother, then, makes his plan easier to carry out after meeting the ghost.

Considering the change in his demeanor that everyone around the castle has noticed due to his depression, the "crazy" act he puts on seems like a logical ap literature exam essay questions. Had it been more out of character, more people might have caught on to his act.

The way things have changed with Gertrude also affects Hamlet because he doesn't have that source of comfort he should have from his mother. Considering she's part of the problem, ap literature hamlet essay questions can't go to her for support, guidance, or comfort when trying to deal with Claudius and make good on his promise of revenge. Their relationship, then, isn't as directly responsible for the different acts of madness as is Hamlet's relationship with Claudius, but it holds some responsibility in terms of its omission from the help it should provide.

It's impossible to know whether Hamlet ever truly descends into madness, or if it never advances beyond his planned performance. Either possibility, though, is influenced most clearly by his relationships with Claudius and Gertrude. And the one definitive example of madness-Ophelia's cracking-is also a result of those relationships.

Madness ultimately shapes this play more than any other theme, and the various types of madness on display all result from these two relationships of Hamlet.

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Hoo boy, there's a lot of madness going on in Hamlet. This essay expertly argues that Hamlet's mommy and master thesis uk problems are the cause of pretty much all of it. Doesn't matter much if it's real or fake, or even if he's the one gone mad. This essay even makes a compelling case about how Ophelia's madness is only linked to her father's death superficially, and is really due to Hamlet's beef with Claudius.

Complete with textual evidence, attention to detail, and insightful analysis, this well-organized essay has a clear and convincing message. If there's a weakness, it's that this essay doesn't give equal time to Hamlet's relationship with Gertrude as it does to his relationship with Claudius.

But the College Board understands that writing three essays in two hours is hard work, so those gracious folks aren't expecting absolute perfection. And because the prompt doesn't require more than one relationship discussion, anything mentioned about Gertrude is just gravy as far as we're concerned. A central theme in Shakespeare's Hamlet is madness, which is demonstrated through Hamlet himself and through Ophelia. Hamlet's madness is seemingly all an act he perpetuates to help him gain vengeance for his father, while Ophelia's madness is a true tragedy.

In both cases, the real and imagined cases of madness can be traced back to Hamlet's relationships with his mother and stepfather, Gertrude and Claudius. Ophelia's madness is undeniably real. In her early scenes, she shows herself as a good daughter who is willing to carry out her father's plans, even though it pits her against Hamlet.

Yet, following her father's death, she cracks. She sings and talks nonsense, and unlike Hamlet, there's no reason for her to put on an act. Following the unhinged manner in which she acts in front of the king and queen, it's not much of a surprise to discover that Ophelia has committed suicide. Ophelia's madness and death are a direct result of Hamlet killing her father. But there's also a deeper reason for her madness. Her father's death isn't even supposed ap literature hamlet essay questions happen.

It's a mistake that stems from Hamlet's relationship with Claudius, and his desire for revenge. Once Hamlet learns of Claudius' role 2009 ap literature essay questions his father's death, everything becomes about taking revenge. All Hamlet's thoughts and actions are driven by what he's learned about Claudius.

It doesn't matter to Hamlet that Ophelia is at first an innocent bystander, and then a pawn of her father and the king. He still purposely uses her, the woman he loves, as his primary way of putting on his act of madness. He treats her intentionally poorly as a means of showing everyone around him how crazy he's become, all in the name of fulfilling his plans for revenge.

The combination of Hamlet's horrendous treatment of her, topped with his murder of her father, is what drives Ophelia over the edge. When 2009 ap literature essay questions kills Polonius, this is one moment where his act might possibly have given way to true madness.

This ap literature essay questions 2008 directly after the play-within-a-play, which is when Hamlet discovers proof for himself that Claudius really killed his father.

That revelation, and his belief that Claudius was the one spying on his mother and him, drives Hamlet to blindly drive his sword through the tapestry, which conceals Polonius.

He does this in a fit of rage because of his hatred of Claudius. Polonius really ends up as collateral damage-as does Ophelia-but her madness, both their deaths, and Hamlet's possible true madness in that moment, are all the result of Hamlet's hatred of Claudius. If Hamlet's feelings toward Claudius are to blame for all these events, then they are also naturally the reason Hamlet might have lost his mind a second time, this time at Ophelia's funeral.

When he and Horatio come upon her funeral and he realizes she has killed herself, he understands the reasoning must be due to Polonius' death, possibly coupled with how he'd been treating her. And Hamlet knows better than anyone that, without his grudge against Claudius and need to put on his "antic disposition," none of this would have happened. This drives Hamlet to reveal himself to the gathering, jump down into the grave with Laertes, and begin a fight with him. It is possible this is simply a continuation of his act, but this could also be a moment of true emotion and hysteria overtaking him.

He knows his actions drove Ophelia to her grave. He also knows Claudius is the reason behind all his actions. Hamlet's poor relationship with 2009 ap literature essay questions mother is also a cause of issues for him. He has already lost his respect for his mother because of her remarrying so quickly after his father's death, and because she married his father's brother. Even as the play begins, Hamlet is depressed, and it's primarily based on his mother's actions and what they've done to his relationship with her.

This relationship with his mother, then, helps him carry out his plan after meeting the ghost. Everyone has already seen a drastic change in his behavior and demeanor, so ap literature essay questions "crazy" act he puts on seems like a logical progression. If it had come out of nowhere, it might have been harder for anyone to buy into.

Hamlet's madness, whether entirely an act or a combination of performance meeting reality, is a result of his relationships with Gertrude and Claudius. And though Ophelia would probably blame Hamlet for her condition, it's clear her madness also finds its roots in the toxic state of affairs between Hamlet and his parents. There's no escaping ap american literature essay questions throughout the play, and all examples of it are rooted in that relationship.

Hamlet's relationship with Claudius is center stage again in this essay. Most of the persuasive analysis about the theme of madness comes from this area, with just a little bit of help provided by his disgust with Gertrude.

No doubt this essay is still plenty insightful when it discusses the reasons for Ophelia's transformation from dutiful daughter to raving crackpot. But there's a bit less evidence from the text and sophisticated language in this essay than in the nine-pointer.

A central theme in Hamlet is madness, which is demonstrated through both Hamlet and Ophelia. Phd admission essay madness is primarily an act to help him gain vengeance for his father, although it's possible it becomes real at a few key moments. Meanwhile, Ophelia's madness is definitely real. In either case, this madness can be traced back to Hamlet's relationships with Gertrude and Claudius.

Early in the play, she seems fine. She's a good daughter to Polonius and does what he says, even though it hurts her to make Hamlet upset. Following her father's death, though, she cracks. She's nothing like what she was earlier, singing and talking nonsense. Later, we find essay questions ap literature test she has committed suicide. This is a drastic change from what she's like in the beginning. And while this change is because of what Hamlet does, it goes deeper than that.

Everything that causes her madness stems from Hamlet's relationship with Claudius, and his desire for revenge. It doesn't even matter to him that he hurts Ophelia in the process of his revenge. He purposely uses her, the woman he loves, as his primary way of putting on his act of madness.

He treats her poorly to show everyone around him how crazy he's become, all to help him fulfill his plans for revenge. Hamlet's abusive treatment of Ophelia, along with his murder of her father, drives her to madness. He commits this murder in a fit of rage, but he believes it's Claudius he's killing, not Polonius.

Polonius' interference puts him in the wrong place at the wrong time, right when Hamlet might be demonstrating genuine madness himself. Hamlet might have also legitimately been mad with grief at Ophelia's funeral. When Hamlet discovers she has killed herself, he realizes his actions must have caused this.Overall, I do not recommend this site.

They ap american literature essay questions have videos and other ap literature exam essay questions resources.

Most, if not all, review books contain practice tests and questions. These will vary in quality depending on the quality of the review book, so be sure to look for reviews online of any book before you buy it. I definitely advise paying for ap american literature essay questions of these resources with whatever loose foreign change you have lying around. How to use a given practice test depends somewhat on the resource itself. The best way to use a complete official practice test is to do a practice-run for the exam.

So find a quiet room, bring a timer or watch so you can time sections, and get to work! Since there are two complete AP Lit practice tests, it makes sense to take one early on in your studying time, and one later. You can get a parent, tutor or teacher to grade the exams.

The wealth of released free-response questions are great resources for building your timed essay-writing skills. However, they can be very valuable close-reading practice. The grammar should be perfect, and structure should be totally logical.

AP Language and Composition course is a big deal, and your main aim is to show your ability to make good analysis with a perfect structure and grammar indexes.

There is a special essay in the prompt that you need to analyze. The goal of entire course is to teach you how to analyze. And the only way to deal with this exam is to learn to analyze that format. You should start early before the exam to make a good improvement.

The format of the Language and Literature essays is nothing different from any other essay you know. There is just one difference in this prompt, and it lies in this synthesis essay you should write. There are three main components that should be present in your synthesis essay:.

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Important Updates. Exam Overview Exam questions assess the course concepts and skills outlined in the course framework. Exam Format The AP English Literature and Composition Exam will continue to have consistent question types, weighting, and scoring guidelines every year, so you and your students know what to expect on exam day.

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How to Get a Perfect 4. How to Write an Amazing College Essay. A Comprehensive Guide. Choose Your Test. AP English Literature: Exam Format and Question Types The AP Literature Exam is a three-hour exam that contains two sections in this order: An hour-long, question multiple-choice section A two-hour, three-question free-response section The exam tests your ability to analyze works and excerpts of literature and ap literature essay questions 2008 communicate that analysis in essay form.

Read on for a breakdown of the two different sections and their question types. Keep track of the nuts and bolts of grammar. You might even see something by this guy. So, how do ap literature essay questions calculate your raw scores?

Free-Response Scoring Scoring for multiple choice is pretty straightforward; however, essay scoring is a little more complicated. Makes generalized comment. Describes work rather than making a claim. Is incoherent or does not address prompt. May be just opinion with no textual references or references that are irrelevant. Attempts to contextualize interpretation consist mainly of sweeping generalizations. Only hints at other interpretations.

Does not consistently maintain thematic interpretation. Oversimplifies complexities.

Ap american literature essay questions

Uses overly complex language. Important Links. Extra Credit. Contact Me. Meet Your Teacher. The Odyssey. A Doll House. King Lear. The Kite Runner. A Streetcar Named Desire. Light in August. Sunset Limited. AP Literature Test Prep. General Helps Summer Reading Project. First Days. Big Question Homepage. Independent Reading Project. Poetry Response. Essay Feedback. This is the core document for the course. It clearly lays out the course content and describes the exam and AP Program in general.

AP English Literature and Composition can lead to a wide range of careers and college majors. Choosing Your AP Courses. Join Your Class Section Online.

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